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Island Oil DeliveryServices by Boat
The T/V Anne and the T/V Duff operate daily from Schooner Wharf in Rockland, Maine, delivering petroleum products to the islands of midcoast Maine from Frenchboro to Monhegan:

  • Gasoline (all grades)
  • Home Heating Fuel
  • K-1 (Kerosene)
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Clear Diesel

Other Services by Boat
Ship bunkering services to refuel vessels such as lobster boats, fishing boats, merchant vessels, cruise ships and pleasure boats of any size. We can come to your mooring or you can come to our dock.

Servicing the M/V Independence in Rockland HarborServices by Truck
We deliver #2 home heating fuel, K-1, blended, gasoline, off-road diesel fuel, and on-road diesel fuel to residential as well as commercial accounts in and around Knox County. Some of our commercial accounts include lobster wharfs, farms, convenience stores, landscaping and construction companies.

Automatic Delivery
Let us put your house on automatic delivery for the winter months or year-round so you never have to worry about running out.

24/7 Burner Service
Maine Coast Petroleum provides around-the-clock Burner Service, installations and routine maintenance. Call our office (207-372-6962 or 372-0795) during office hours, or call our emergency number (207-593-2963) after hours, to schedule service.

Minimum Delivery: 50 gallons

Payment methods: Cash, Checks, Debit/Credit Cards
VISA, MasterCard Discover, and AmEx accepted

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