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Penobscot Bay Tides

Business hours:
Monday–Friday, 8–4:30

Burner Service 24/7

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Contact Information

Business hours:
Monday–Friday, 8–4:30

207-372-6962 or 372-0795

Emergency Phone:
You will receive a return call shortly.

General email:


Postal Mail:
P.O. Box 295
Tenants Harbor ME 04860-0295

Physical Address:
107 Port Clyde Rd.
Tenants Harbor ME 04860

Payment methods:
Cash, Checks, Debit/Credit Cards
VISA, MasterCard Discover, and AmEx accepted

T/V Anne

Staff Information:

Heather Liddy, CSR:
Ext. 2

Kristin O'Neal, CSR:
Ext. 3

Jan Korpinen, CSR:
Ext. 4

Dale O'Neal, Owner:
Ext. 5

Maine Coast Petroleum staff
Our staff (from left to right): Phil Russomano, Driver; Terry Banda, Office Manager;
Nate Fougner, Tankerman; Lindsey Banda, Customer Service; Dale O'Neal, Owner;
Kristin O'Neal, Customer Service; Michael Whitten, Driver.

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